Swedish Massage

The most common kind of massage offered in Western massage is the Swedish massage. This is the kind of massage that most people encounter first because of the wildly popularity of the great relaxation you attain from Swedish massage. It is accomplished by using different oils that will allow the masseuse to work your muscles using long, smooth, gliding motions known as effleurage. These are movements which run along the long muscles in your body to relax kinks and tension which can build up from your daily stresses. The positions that you sit in at work and work you do around the house can also cause a build-up of the kind of tension relieved by Swedish massage.
There are more methods used in Swedish massage besides effleurage, such as working out your tension through tapping, stretching, friction and kneading. The method used always includes firm pressure without being so firm that it will hurt. The goal is to allow the muscles to relax and release tension. While getting a Swedish massage you may undress to your comfort level (some stay fully clothed, some derobe to the undergarments and some receive these massages nude). For those who are new to this kind of massage you are welcome to wear your underwear. The masseuse will use what is known as draping to reveal only the part of the body that they are working on. This allows you to enjoy some modesty while you are getting the Swedish massage that will allow you to feel calm and relaxed.

Deep Tissue

The majority of massage will delve only into the muscles which are right below the surface of the skin. While this will allow you the relief you need from common daily stress, it will not help you if you have injuries or other deep muscle problems. When you are experiencing these problems, it is time to turn to what is known as deep tissue massage. This is a form of massage which will allow you to get at the muscles which are beneath the top muscles. It takes a skilled masseuse to provide you the relief you need through this method without causing you permanent damage to your muscles. It is important to note that when you receive this kind of massage for the first time or throughout time that you will likely experience a different kind of tenderness, aching or even pain for a few days. This is because of the pressure which is necessary in deep tissue massage to manipulate the deeper muscles in the body.
When getting this kind of bodywork, you will likely experience different levels of deep tissue massage. This is because while some people will need to get at an injury, others would like to simply get relief from aches and pains they are experiencing in their deep muscles. While athletes might receive what is considered to be light deep tissue massage, those with muscular injuries will receive a much harder rub down. It is extremely important that you commit to good communication with the therapist. As long as you tell them what you are feeling during your deep tissue massage, you can circumvent anything that will result in lasting pain.

Sports Massage

Athletes and even those who play sports casually are prone to muscle aches which the average, less athletic person may never feel. These aches cannot be satisfied with a normal massage designed to relieve stress. They need a sports massage which is designed to correct muscle aches which can happen when you have torn muscles or ligaments. You may even need this kind of bodywork just when you have a tear in the muscle which needs some relief as it repairs itself. The only way to get the relief you are looking for is through a deep tissue massage which is known as a sports massage. This is normally accomplished by using the knuckles, palms and elbows to work through the initial layers of muscles under the skin to the muscles which reside closest to the bone.
Those who play sports are used to getting deep rubs with the right kinds of oils and lotions. This is because deep tissue massages will help to prevent injury by making sure the muscle is in the right place and is performing as it should. Regulative sports massage is not as intense as regular sports massage. This is because there is nothing that is sore or torn. This kind of massage is only used to make sure your muscle will not tear while you are practicing or competing in your field. This kind of massage is not recommended for those who simply want a good, relaxing massage. This is because the pressure necessary to get to the deep muscles will cause you pain instead of relief.

Neuromuscular Therapy

One of the ways you can get relief in your skeletal muscles is through the use of neuromuscular therapy. This is one of the adjuncts that allows you to get relief from a list of different ailments. It was first used in between the 30s and the 40s. It was created as a European technique to provide relief in the deep tissues which can be affected by physical or emotional stresses. It is performed by applying pressure in strokes that run perpendicular to the skinís surface. The point of the motion is to stimulate the muscle and create a change in the way the muscle feels and how it performs. Neuromuscular therapy is a method that identifies and utilizes the myofascial trigger points in order to provide you with relief.
While the reasons why you would need to have neuromuscular therapy might differ, the results from it should be the same. You should be able to get instant results rather than having to go through ten steps like some other massage and wellness programs. You will also have to go see a neuromuscular therapist who is knowledgeable in how to effectively stimulate your muscles so that you will get the results that you are looking for. This has been planted firmly in the holistic category of treatment for muscular problems and as such does not get as much respect as it deserves. Those who have undergone this kind of therapy will be able to attest to how well it works. You should get better range of motion and less pain with neuromuscular therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

There are many different kinds of massage which have been borne out of the myotherapy class of massage. One of these is the Trigger Point Therapy. This is a style of bodywork which concentrates on different points of pressure which will allow you to control the circulation throughout the body. This particular form was made famous by the famous climber Bonnie Prudden. She believed this was what helped her to perform her very best. It was said to have helped her have a better range of motion which is possible through the increase of blood flow to the joints as well as by applying pressure to the specific points where you might be feeling any pain.
While the pressure points used in trigger point therapy might be centrally located, they will have the desired effect on just about every part of the body that you would like to have an effect on. This is possible because of the fact that all of your muscles are interconnected in one way or another. By improving circulation to a specific portion of the body you will be able to help that part of the body feel better than you ever imagined possible. This includes helping out with digestion as well as making sure the joints will work properly so that you can have the range of motion that you would like to have as well as increased breathing capacity. Trigger point therapy techniques are especially useful in athletes who are looking for an edge.

Pregnancy Massage

Your pregnancy can cause you to have many different aches and pains. You could use a pregnancy massage to rid yourself of much of the pain and discomfort associated with the pregnancy. There are more benefits of getting pre-natal massage besides just relieving pain. First of all, you will get the enjoyment and calming sensation that only comes from human touch. The pregnancy massage is tailored to ensure you are able to enjoy tranquility and relaxation that you may not normally feel while you are pregnant. You will be able to feel closer to other people despite hormonal changes because you will have less stress.
Other benefits of getting this kind of Western massage are that you will be able to increase lymph circulation and blood circulation. This is important so that you will pass along less stress to your baby. You will enjoy less pressure on weight-bearing joints. This is even more important than normal as you are carrying more weight than usual during your pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can help to improve the outcome of labor while helping to ease labor pain. You will enjoy better pliability of skin as well as the underlying tissues. It is important that you get a pregnancy massage from the right trained massage professionals who specialize in pregnancy and pre-natal massage, as there are certain parts of the body which should not be massaged in order to prevent complications with the pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage

If you have seen any advertisements for a spa than you are probably more familiar with a hot stone massage than you know. This is because it is a relaxing form of massage that those who know about it enjoy receiving very much. This is one of the adjuncts which are two treatments rolled into one. The most known of the techniques is to use warmed rocks of different weights to the chakras along the spin or on either side of the spine as well as laying softball sized stones in the palms of the outstretched hands. You will just relax with soothing music being played while the stones create the proper pressure in order to help you relax and to increase the flow of blood along the central core.
The other form of hot stone massage which is used is when smooth stones are used to massage your muscles. This is a great tool to get at deep muscles as well as to get at the muscles right on the surface. This is because the smooth stones will provide just the right amount of pressure without poking into your body. An adept practitioner of this method will make it look as if there is nothing more going on but sliding a stone across your skin. What makes the difference is the amount of pressure which is applied to the stone and where it is applied to. You will be able effectively release tension as well as increase blood flow through this kind of massage.

Thai Massage

There are more and more people seeking massage that allows them to keep on their clothes. This can be because of modesty or simply that religions prohibit it. Either way, you will be able to find a great clothed method of massage in Thai massage. It is recommended you wear loose fitting clothes because the nature of the exercise is to go through a series of stretches which will help to align your body so that you will feel at one with your body and so that your muscles will not ache from pent up toxins any longer. This is accomplished with the strong hands of a skilled Eastern massage practitioner.
The stretches you will be using in Thai massage are designed to help you return to the balance that your body naturally has. Thai massage operates on the principle that your body has invisible lines of force that run throughout your body. If your body is not in line with these different lines of force than you will not be able to have the right amount of energy flowing through your body. This will cause you to feel drained as well as have aching muscles. When you go through the stretches that are a part of this Eastern massage method, you will restore this flow of energy. You will stretch your hands, feet and legs to get the desired results. Thai massage is great to allow you feel energized and ready to face the world.

Structural Integration

Many of the bodywork methods are designed to provide you with help through the manipulation of the fascia in your body. This is the connective tissue which can be found between the cells, structures and muscle fibers in every part of your body. These are highly important to the structure and autonomy of your body. When these are aligned correctly you will be able to enjoy better flexibility as well as increased circulation and muscle control. Structural integration allow you to gain control over the fascia through 12 to 15 extensive sessions, which help to restore balance to your body so that you can reduce effects of physical and emotional stress.
This is one of the methods designed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Ph. D., also the developer of the Rolfing technique. Once you have completed the treatment method you will be able to enjoy freer range of movement without having to struggle as much to move. You will also notice a difference in your balance and posture. This is because your body will be in alignment thanks to the structural changes you make during your structural integration treatment. You will also enjoy emotional benefits like being more in tune with yourself and the way your body works. This will help you to regain control of your body. The reason the structural integration method is so effective is that it was studied for more than 50 years by Rolf before it was finally implemented and taught to others.

Medical Massage

There are times in which different muscular, connective tissue or joint issues will need a specialized medical and massage attention to help you feel better faster. This is a time when you may be prescribed medical massage by a physician. This form of Western massage can only be administered by a licensed medical massage professional. This form of massage helps you get better because it relieves the pressure on muscles and joints, possibly caused by an accident or other medical conditions. When seeking out a medical massage it is wise to find a professional who is not only licensed, but will specialize in the form of massage you are looking to receive.
The specialization typically relates to specific areas of the body. This is important because according to the medical community medical massage can only be practiced correctly by those who have studied extensively the parts of the body they work on. The benefit to you is that the massage therapist will know all of the muscles and they will be able to identify an abnormality when they feel it. People often get this kind of massage after suffering a major injury from something like a car accident or a sports injury. This kind of massage is usually used in tandem with other treatment options your doctor prescribes to you. Medical massage can help you make the most out of the other treatment methods as well.


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